Aki Himanen / Aleksi Kinnunen

Aki Himanen and Aleksi Kinnunen are finnish musicians who both have a strong background in jazz and electronic music. For years they’ve been exploring the boundaries where machines and organic instruments can create a real dialogue. Their first full-length album, Scapes I, was a dark experimental record inspired by generative music techniques and collective improvisation with trumpet, drums and machines. Now the duo is releasing more straightforward and dance-oriented EP, Dawn Drops, which combines techno and jazz music in a sophisticated manner. There’s lots of influences from Nordic jazz, but rhythmically the EP owes more to the African based jazz......

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Bada Bada

Bada-Bada is a TransJazz band formed in Paris in 2014. The musicians have quickly expressed a desire to share and mix their respective musical discourse in the most sincere way there is: free improvisation. Of all these improvisations sessions was born a band and a direction where to look at : the Bada- Bada. An explosive mixture of keyboards and synthesizers, lyrical saxophone and trumpet, all backed by a subtle blend of acoustic and electronic sounds of the drums. The use of many modern tools allows the group to find unusual ways, yet little used. An important research work about......

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Daniel Calvi

"Music should make you lose the ground under your feet. By giving you complete freedom with no constraints, by making you disoriented and lost, music always challenges to explore the unknown. Music has no answers, only questions". - Daniel Calvi Daniel Calvi Italian musician, composer and producer, he currently lives in Berlin. After the first Diploma in classical guitar at Conservatorio A. Vivaldi in Cuneo, he dedicates himself to study jazz and improvisation. He attends for three years the “Jazz Master Guitar” in Milano under the guidance of Maestro Bebo Ferra and lately obtains in 2013 a Bachelor in Jazz......

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Plastik Soldiers

Plastik.Soldiers is an avant-garde music producing duo. Live it exists as a collective. Binding and intertwining techno, jazz, electro and rap. Founded by Luc van Ruler, always guided by his brother in arms Coen Witteveen, Plastik.Soldiers are here to serve the good, on the frontline of the battle for new music. Discography Marching Troops EP - 2013 - Independent Day with No Name EP - 2015 - Independent Kap Manduli EP - 2018 - Independent Short Days EP - 2019 - Jazz-O-Tech Collaborations Reinier Baas - Guitar Julien Mier - Producer Sheila van der Weird - Vocals Loran Witteveen -......

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Flat Maze

Pianist Uri Gincel and electronic music producer Stefano Mori are Flat Maze, Techno-Jazz duo behind the third release of the Berlin-Milan label Jazz-O-Tech: Dick Dunker EP. Uri Gincel from Israel is one of the most in demand piano players on the Berlin scene. Uri toured the world with “Uri Gincel Trio”“Bonaparte” and many other projects. He has recorded and performed with Bruno Pronsato and in the electronic duo “Tyoma” which scored also an important collaboration with Matthew Herbert.Stefano Mori is an Italian techno music producer, visual artist and live performer based in Berlin. With his solo project “Elephant Kodex”, released under......

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Key Clef

Class'89, born and grown up in Rome. Rave Background and a big passion for drums and synthesizers. Know for her live sets in the underground Italian scene. In the last years she played for the LSWHR organization and then she moved to Berlin. JOT Session: Key Clef & Riccardo Nebbiosi TTT X HÖR - Key Clef ...

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Mattia Prete

Mattia Prete is a dreamer. His mind and his music are lost in cinematic worlds where the freeformnature of jazz and hypnotic repetition of techno trap you in the moment. He is someone who getsyou in a trance as both a DJ and a producer. He is always looking to make deep connections withmind, body and spirit, and as such is one of avant guard techno’s most vital artists. Mattia Prete grew up in Lecce, and was obsessed with a DJ controller his parents bought him before hewas even a teenager. That obsession grew and within a couple of years......

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JOT003: Flat Maze – Dick Dunker EP

JOT003: Flat Maze - Dick Dunker Their mix between the instrumental solos of jazz piano talent Uri Gincel and the deep techno grooves of producer Stefano Mori, results in an innovative signature sound which perfectly fits the artistic manifesto of label Jazz-o-Tech. Flat Maze duo featured also in "White Gardenia vol 1", the first vinyl EP released by Jazz-o-Tech that has been supported by: Rai Radio 3 (IT), Jet Set Tokyo (JP), Avopolis Music Network (GR), Studio Brussel (BS), 808 Radio (SP), Radio Krimi (FR). Tracklist: Flat Maze - Dick Dunker (Piano Solo Version) Flat Maze - Vollnarkose Flat Maze......

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