JOT003: Flat Maze – Dick Dunker EP

JOT003: Flat Maze - Dick Dunker Their mix between the instrumental solos of jazz piano talent Uri Gincel and the deep techno grooves of producer Stefano Mori, results in an innovative signature sound which perfectly fits the artistic manifesto of label Jazz-o-Tech. Flat Maze duo featured also in "White Gardenia vol 1", the first vinyl EP released by Jazz-o-Tech that has been supported by: Rai Radio 3 (IT), Jet Set Tokyo (JP), Avopolis Music Network (GR), Studio Brussel (BS), 808 Radio (SP), Radio Krimi (FR). Tracklist: Flat Maze - Dick Dunker (Piano Solo Version) Flat Maze - Vollnarkose Flat Maze......

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JOT004: Duke Zilla – Trop Fonk

JOT004: Duke Zilla - Trop Fonk Inspired by rhythmic based music, Duke Zilla was drawn to jazz, funk and african beats while playing as a drummer with different bands from an early age; by shifting to producing, he applied a more electronic feel as well as a luscious club element. His debut EP tells a cinematic like multi-layered story of space travelling in hypnotic soulful atmospheres. Always with a drum driven approach, providing the backdrop to imaginative underground sounds. Tracklist: Duke Zilla - Eshe Duke Zilla - Seventh Seal Duke Zilla - Trop Fonk Duke Zilla - Variations Buy it......

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JOT006: White Gardenia Vol​.​2

JOT006: White Gardenia Vol​.​2 Jazz-O-Tech is proud to announce the second chapter of its limited edition vinyl release "White Gardenia": a format that combines deep tech electronic grooves with the mystic, intense and intricate atmospheres of jazz music. The A side of the compilation starts with "Eshe" a track by the dutch producer Duke Zilla, a perfect opener for the vinyl with its funky, dreamy, and tribadelic vibes, followed by "Modal Miles" by the Italian trumpet player Cesare Dell'Anna (remixed by DN3), a cool deep tech track full of smoky jazz quotes of the almighty Miles Davis himself. "Dick Dunker"......

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JOT007: Plastik​.​Soldiers – Short Days

JOT007: Plastik​.​Soldiers - Short Days Jazz-o-Tech is proud to present Plastik.Soldiers, an avant-gard music collective. binding together jazz with techno, electronica and hiphop. Founded by Luc van Ruler, always guided by his brother in arms Coen Witteveen, Plastik.Soldiers here to serve the good, on the frontline of the battle for new quality music. In this new single and EP “Short Days” they propose their idea of Techno-Jazz which sounds big, bold, danceable, dynamic, explosive, edgy, trippy and transcendental. Their music is influenced by 70's jazz-fusion as well as some oriental atmospheres and some pop glitches, all deeply rooted on some......

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JOT008: Beat Movement – Silent Rain EP (Incl. Sunil Sharpe remix)

JOT010: Antares Mates - La ballata di Antares Jazz-O-Tech introduces Black Gardenia Vol.1 composed by Berlin-based duo Beat Movement. The duo presents an unusual, psychedelic and moving techno jazz EP in collaboration with techno pioneer Sunil Sharpe, Italian saxophonist and composer Gianni Mimmo and the jazz quartet Gamapawa. Tracklist: Beat Movement - Silent Rain ft. Gianni Mimmo Beat Movement - Beat Movement - Aphex Twin Shot My Neck Beat Movement, Sunil Sharpe - Beat Movement - Silent Rain (Sunil Sharpe remix) Beat Movement, Gamapawa - Beat Movement - Untitled Reconstruction ft. Gamapawa Buy it on Bandcamp...

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JOT009: Torino Unlimited Noise – Jason

Jason (Incl. VSK, Aleja Sanchez Remixes) TUN - Torino Unlimited Noise is an electronic-jazz band founded by Gianni Denitto (sax), Fabio Giachino (synth) and Mattia Barbieri (drums). T.U.N. project, by mixing the experiences of all band members, wants to create a sound which is a blend of electronic music, refined harmonic progressions and improvisation, creating a very distinctive sound in order to reach a wide and mixed audience. The trio was founded in 2018 and is publishing it's first EP manifesto with Jazz-O-Tech. T.U.N - Torino Unlimited Noise - Soundshift T.U.N - Torino Unlimited Noise - Brahms Groove T.U.N -......

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