White Gardenia Vol​.​3 is out!

The third volume of Jazz-o-Tech’s White Gardenia compilation series arrives on March 29 and is another superb showcase of the label’s talented roster and unique signature sound. Contributing are the likes of Aki Himanen, Matt Prete, Morgen Wurde, Flat Maze, the TUN collective and many more.

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White Gardenia Vol 3

This is Techno Jazz Vol​.​2 is out!

This double album is a deep dive into Jazz-O-Tech carefully nurtured sound. What unites the label and its broad array of artists is a desire to fuse the traditional improvisation of #jazz with the avant-garde experimentalism of #techno.

Only 300 2×12 blue vinyls available here

This is Techno Jazz vol 2

This is Techno Jazz Vol 2

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Our mission

In the truly experimental spirit of the pioneers of jazz and electronic underground music, Jazz-o-Tech “manifesto” envisage the development of a style which is free from any kind constraints dictated by the “genre”, by the track’s structure, or any cold cliche’ of modern electronic music. Jazz-o-Tech, instead, wants to encourage innovation, experimentation, improvisation and live elements which make every performance and every track dense with musical ideas and full of soul. We embrace the spirit and sound of the Jazz heritage but we implant it on the experimental sounds and warm analogic grooves of techno and electronica.

We foster collaboration between electronic music producers and “live” musicians in order to create a new musical space where technology meets improvisation, rhythm meets inspiration and innovation meets tradition. Modern music needs to be ambitious. It must aim at delivering to the public a musical message which is one step beyond what has already been heard, and take the public by hand to a new musical journey, a journey into the powerful mystical dimension of music. Jazz-o-Tech will be “avant-garde” but with a soul.

Vivacity by Lyder

The newly formed jazz and electronic trio Lyder debuts on Jazz-o-Tech with a superb EP that showcases their signature sound across four new tracks.

This collective is made up of three significant artists from the German scene: Lindsey Wang aka Polygonia who provides live electronics, vocals and violin, Niklas Bühler aka Delusional Circuits who plays piano and live electronics, and Moritz Stahl aka Odizouu of the Munich based electronic jazz band Ark Noir, who plays sax and electronics.

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Vivacity EP by LYDER

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