Daniel Calvi

“Music should make you lose the ground under your feet. By giving you complete freedom with no constraints, by making you disoriented and lost, music always challenges to explore the unknown. Music has no answers, only questions”.
– Daniel Calvi

Daniel Calvi

Italian musician, composer and producer, he currently lives in Berlin.

After the first Diploma in classical guitar at Conservatorio A. Vivaldi in Cuneo, he dedicates himself to study jazz and improvisation. He attends for three years the “Jazz Master Guitar” in Milano under the guidance of Maestro Bebo Ferra and lately obtains in 2013 a Bachelor in Jazz Music at Conservatorio A. Buzzolla in Adria. Soon after, Daniel finds his new home in Berlin. The city pushed further the boundaries of Daniel ́s music and reshaped his sound into a sophisticated music palette that incorporates the use of synthesizers, analog and digital sound processing, field recordings and live electronics. He starts to collaborate with different artists and in 2016 joins the jazz/electronic trio Chat Noir and publishes two albums “ Nine thoughts for one Word” 2016 and “Hyperuranion” 2019 under the London-based label Rare-Noise Records. Alongside many live concerts across Europe, in 2017 thanks to the Goehte Institute, has the chance to perform in China and hold workshops. In the same year, Daniel starts to collaborate permanently with the contemporary dancer/per-former Sara Simeoni. He is involved for the project “Convergence” during the residency at Stiftung Laurenz Haus in Basel and in 2018 composes the music for the choreography “Li-quid Love” at Centre de Developpment Choreographique National in Guyana.

In 2019, he is involved in “Siri”, a solo creation by the german choreographer Julia Maria Koch, showed in Stuttgart (Germany), Gdansk (Poland), at Prisma Festival in Panama and Masdanza Festival in Canary Island.

Currently he works on a new solo album.